YAM Governance

A youth structure open to youth aged 18 – 24 years aimed at empowering them with governance and leadership skills necessary for increasing their participation in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights programmes.


To have a model of youth participation, which enables young people to advocate and be recognized, and empowers them to be equal partners in programmatic decision making and resource allocation, both at regional (IPPFAR) and Member Associations.


  • To provide a forum and set mechanisms for young people to express themselves as active participants and decision makers
  • To build leadership capacities among young people in the federation

  • To promote equal partnership between young people and adults at both regional and member association levels
  • To promote sharing of best practices on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health among young people and Member Associations in the region
  • To have a strong network of young people that can easily be mobilized to accelerate IPPF’s adolescent and youth agenda in the region
  • To enhance Youth participation/involvement/empowerment and representation at regional and member association levels

General Membership

Membership is open to youth aged 18-24 years.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Action Movement, please contact Ms Wame Gori @ (+267) 72244264,  +(267)3900489 or email: wgori@bofwa.org.bw .

Those wishing to run for YAM election, are requested to pay a P100 membership fee. Every three years, individuals are elected for the positions of YAM President, Vice-President, and Secretariat.


  • Individuals should posses a minimum of tertiary qualification (or pursuing) from a recognized institution
  • Familiar with youth development policies including Sexual and Reproductive Health

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a linkage between policy making bodies and youth membership.
  • Build local and international Partnerships
  • Catalyze Advocacy programmes
  • Participation in Governance and management
  • Linking SRH to Entertainment/Sport and other non SRH Development
  • Provide HIV/AIDS, SRH services and information.