The Youth Connect Initiative

The youth connect initiative is a social media management and campaign execution were the Youth Action movement (YAM) team of BOFWA run the Youth Connect Campaign with the following Global Objective: To increase comprehensive knowledge on HIV and Sexuality Education among the youth (10-24)

To increase demand and utilization of Comprehensive Sexuality education among youth using innovative methodologies 

To enhance the visibility of BOFWA as an SRHR service provider in Botswana using social media among the youth.

To recruit more young people to join the movement (Join the Movement, Protect the future)

The project is expected to reach a high number of young people with empowering SRHR information massages hence contributingtowards one of the key Youth Connect Initiative objectives.Through the various social media activities, (Website, Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp,)YAM Botswana  shall support the visibility of both IPPFARO and BOFWA.BOFWA’s team of Youth Action Movement (YAM) members set out to disseminate information on the services offered at BOFWA branches as well as increase the visibility of the Association among youth people.

This was done through education on sexual rights for young people, family planning commodities available, sharing the BOFWA programme and using promotional merchandise to attract young people. Youth Action Movement positioned themselves strategically by setting up their stalls in busy areas like the malls and schools. On the other hand the YAM team tasked itself with recruiting new members into the movement which, YAM targeting young people aged 18 – 24 years.