BOFWA Took Part In World Aids Day Commemoration Activities

BOFWA as being one of the key stakeholders implementing HIV/AIDS initiatives under the MoH was called in trough NACA to BTV to take a journey of self-assessment as a country on how far the

country has gone in fighting against HIV/AIDS in the community.  

BOFWA was established in 1988 under the influence of Batswana community and IPPF with the main mandate of providing SRHR mainly family planning services to women and girls in order to empower their decision making capabilities with regards to their sexual reproductive health. BOFWA grew to become a well-known organisation that provides Youth Friendly Services through static and outreach services, one of the major services became HIV testing and counselling which then later in 2015 progressed into providing ARV services to Key Populations mainly Sex workers and Men having Sex with Men. This placed BOFWA as one of the first organisations that started implementing the test and treat programme under ARV services. This test and treat was implemented before the government actually started initiating the Treat All ARV programme. 

To date BOFWA has 5 facilities providing ARV services not only to Key Populations but to the general adolescent and young people population and these facilities are not only a segregate of ARV services but provide what we call integrated SRHR services in which a client receives more than 3 services at one service point without unnecessary referrals from point A to point B.  BOFWA receives support from the MoHW and NACA and also from international NGOs across the world. We edge you as a young person or an adolescent come to our facility and experience target specific services, that is services that are packaged especially for you, for your needs and remember... you have the 'Right to  Health