BOFWA Staff Hard At Work During Their APB

Staff working together

The August House workshop brought together all the staff members of the Association from the senior, middle and lower management

to review the performance and interrogate existing policies and management structures, communication and transparency including ownership and accountability.

The 22nd to the 27th October2017, Bonno lodge, Mafikeng was the place to be for most of BOFWA staff members to refocus the Association performance and prepare the draft annual programme 

budget for 2018. The August house workshop discussed the following areas; administration and finance, management structure, logistics management systems,

communication and transparency policy, programme performance and mainly the development of the annual programme budget 2018.The August house workshop gave the

staff members the opportunity for them to assess their role within the Association and how we can all drive the organisation forward. A sense of ownership and 

accountability of the Association programme by all of the different structure levels from senior, middle and lower management needs to work together for the

achievement of the organisation vision and mission.It is still important that everyone identifies themselves as change agents for the Association going forward

and this came out clear from the Chief Executive Officer (Mrs Una Ngwenya) noting that the achievement of the vision and mission of the Association rests with 

each of us. She also noted that the visibility of the association and communication should form the basis of the good image of the organisation. She further

mentioned the august house workshop is critical in developing team work and also the importance of physical contact and discussion of staff members and for 

all to engage from our different levels as staff of BOFWA.In conclusion the staff made commitment that they all fit into the structure of the Association, 

and changing the way we think and how we engage each other from our different levels, roles and responsibilities, from top to bottom, from the head office to