Success Story By YAM

My name is Precious Ndlovu a 19 year old female recruited as a YAM member beginning of 2016 when the implementation of the YAF projects was starting.

I have been part off all the projects and the campaign has taught me how to be my own woman, stand up for myself as a girl child,

know my worth as a young black girl.  The projects have exposed me to the things we go through as young girls and how to beat our way around them. 

My involvement in YAM and the YAF project, BOFWA was able to absorb me in the OVC project beginning of this year. 

The OVC project is all about the orphaned and the vulnerable children (HIV Positive, poor, disabled) under the ages of 18 and the under

aged 24 who are mothers and or HIV Positive. My main role in this project is to offer Comprehensive Sexuality Education, register those

who qualify for the services and refer them accordingly.I also still carry out my roles in YAM by honoring school invites to talk to young people 

about the comprehensive sexuality education and other related matters