BOFWA and BONELA sign an agreement

The Association and BONELA recently signed a memorandum of understanding in continuation of their partnership. The two organisations continue to work together and also supporting each other in their strategic areas that need each organisation’s expertise.

This came up because of the realisation that there are inadequate services for the sexual minorities in terms of the health aspect. BONELA as an advocacy and human right organisation uses BOFWA as a service provide for both youth and MARPS, sexual reproductive health services for the special groups and marginalised/key population in this country. Both organisations will assist MARPS through advocacy and service provision as the content of the MoU indicates.

The Botswana Family Welfare Association and Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS share a common goal of creating an enabling policy and legal environment, enabling access to prevention, care and support to marginalised populations particularly people living with HIV/AIDS and sexual minorities. Both organisations, as espoused in their visions, missions and value system, believe in mainstreaming a rights based approach in programming including a holistic approach to care. To this end, both parties wish to collaborate, guided by this memorandum of agreement, to fulfillt the mutually shared goals and objectives.

Mutual Objectives

  • Collaborative advocacy for the Maputo plan of Action in Botswana through active participation in a coalition to push the Maputo Plan of Action Agenda
  • Provide counselling services and HIV/AIDS and STI prevention to marginalised and vulnerable Workers through creating partnerships with sexual minority target groups such as LEGABIBO and Sisonke.
  • Sharing of best practices through learning exchange programmes
  • Capacity building of BOFWA staff to mainstream a right based approach in prevention, treatment, care and support services
  • Strengthen referral systems between parties. BONELA will refer clients to BOFWA for counselling services and BOFWA will refer clients to BONELA for legal services
  • Collaboratively mobilise resources to further objectives of this partnership
  • The two organisations are committed to increase focus on human rights and HIV mainstreaming. In order to assess progress together in this vital aspect of programming, both parties shall collect and report data on Human Rights and HIV/AIDS against the following indicator; Number and type of human rights violations documented