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'' BOFWA is an organization with a good effective mechanism in ensuring quality of patients care with just distribution of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services which are accessible and affordable. Sexuality and adolescent stage is a critical period in the development of sexual values, attitudes and behaviors .BOFWA has given me an opportunity to  learn and understand reproductive health and make informed decisions/choices on how to express my sexuality and promote my health.

Botho University Student

Botho University Student



What we do

We are a leading sexual and reproductive health service delivery and advocacy voice in the region. Our focus areas are

  • Young People and Adolesents
  • Comprehensive Abortion Care
  • Advocacy
  • Contraception
  • Gender Equality
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Sexual Rights
  • Women's Health


Promoting Safe Motherhood

Adolescent & Youth Sexuality Education

Curbing Unsafe Abortion

Advocating for SRH & Rights as Human RIghts

Reducing HIV & AIDS infections & Protecting the rights of PLWHIV